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About us

“Stroimat Engineering” LTD was established in Sofia in 1996 and is specialized in bathroom equipment manufacture and sales.

Company activities include:
1.    Manufacturing activities (bathroom equipment manufacture) – with
the “VICARD” brand.
Performed by 100 % ownership of “VICARD” LTD

All products offered by “VICARD” LTD have been selected corresponding to customers’ preferences for functionality and design, for the optimal home and everyday life organization.

Aiming to gain the maximal satisfaction of its clients, the company offers the following products:

-    Bathroom furniture of “Classic” brand – standard bathroom furniture with wash-basins and mirrors
-    Customized bathroom furniture of “Elite”, “Bright” and “Nova” brands, offering individual solutions for every taste
-    Bathroom cabinets of “mini” type – a wide range of sizes and designs

The quality of the “VICARD” LTD products, the manufacturing quality of the bathroom furniture and the used materials are the ground for the 3-years guarantee, offered by the company to its customers and partners.

“Stroimat Engineering” LTD, and particularly “VICARD” LTD guarantees, that even the most pretentious customer will be satisfied. For the company the good quality of the products means guarantee, continuity, comfort and certainty, that you have bought the best product.

2.    Hydro massage systems and steam baths import – of „VICARD Systems" and „VS Groupo" brands

Hydro massage systems (tubes, hydro massage shower cabins, steam baths, hydro massage panels, OUTDOOR SPA) offered by “Stroimat Engineering” LTD are following the modern trends for bathroom equipment and shall satisfy even the toughest customer requirements for quality, modern design and functionality.

The company has a wide sizes and models range of steam baths, hydro massage cabins, and hydro massage tubes on stock.

3. Sanitary equipment sales – performed by a network of 5 (five) own stores.

Beside the above mentioned manufacturing and sales activities, the company offers its customer a number of additional services:
-    Mounting/assembly services
-    Transport
-    Maintenance

-    All company activities are performed in the city of Sofia, as well as the remainder of the country through the stores network, as well as the own storages in the cities of Sofia, Varna and Ruse.

“Stroimat Engineering” LTD, and particularly “VICARD” LTD are confident that they offer competence, practicality, correctness and promptness.
Referring to its well established sales and distribution activities, the company aims to maintain affordable price levels and perfect service.